E U R O P E A N  I N F O R M A T I O N . . .

Please note that Calor Gas is not readily available in Europe.
The most popular and widely available gas on the Continent is CAMPINGAZ.

Standard Propane Bottles

All of the following RED bottles use a male screw-in type regulator which requires a spanner to fit. For safety reasons the thread is a left-hand thread so the regulator nut must be turned clock-wise as viewed from the regulator side to undo it. Propane bottles can be stored outside in UK winter conditions without the bottle contents freezing.
calor gas propane

3.9kg Calor Propane Gas Bottle

Wide range of industrial uses and can also be used to fuel a range of DIY tools, including small industrial burners and blow torches. Particularly suitable in portable applications.

calor gas propane

6kg Calor Propane Gas Bottle

An ideal solution for fuelling, heating and cooking in your caravan or motorhome, all year round.

calor gas propane

13kg Calor Propane Gas Bottle

Probably the most popular solution for heating and cooking for narrow boats and catering vans.

Please note: This bottle does not fit standard BBQ clip on regulators. The compatible bottle for this purpose is the 13kg Patio gas bottle.

calor gas propane

19kg Calor Propane Gas Bottle

Due to the larger size this bottle is more suited to static applications. They can be used for industrial purposes or for cooking on premises with no main gas supply.

calor gas propane

47kg Calor Propane Gas Bottle

A wide range of uses and the perfect solution for outdoor commercial use. They can be used in any static application requiring larger volumes of gas. They can be coupled in banks via change-over valves to provide uninterrupted supply to such things as a central heating system.

Special Use Propane Bottles

calor propane liquid off-take 18kg

Propane Liquid Off-Take 18kg

These bottles are fitted with a liquid take-off valve and are designed for use on gas powered fork lift trucks or any other liquid take-off requirements.

Patio Propane Bottles

Although containing the same propane gas as in the red bottles, these green coloured bottles use a clip-on type regulator which doesn't require any tools to fit.
calor patio gas

5kg Calor Patio Gas Bottle

Ideal for table top patio heaters and small portable BBQs, making it the perfect solution to fuel your summer.

calor patio gas

13kg Calor Patio Gas Bottle

This bottle comes with the innovative Calor gas tracĀ® indicator and is the ideal solution to fuel patio heaters and BBQs throughout the year.

Standard Butane Bottles

Butane gas bottles will freeze at normal winter temperatures if left outside.
Campingaz R907

2.75kg Campingaz R 907 Bottle


The Campingaz 907 cylinder is ideal for a large amount of camping appliances available - the top of the cylinder has a screw thread which is the access point for all the appliances - please check your appliance handbook for fit.

calor gas butane

4.5kg Calor Butane Gas Bottle

This bottle will need a spanner to fit the female screw-on regulator, again turning the regulator nut clockwise as viewed from the regulator side to undo it. Ideal for camping and caravanning during the summer months and can be used with a single burner cooking appliance.

calor gas butane

7kg Calor Butane Gas Bottle

An ideal solution for cooking and heating in your caravan during the summer months and can also be used for smaller portable heaters indoors.

calor gas butane

15kg Calor Butane Gas Bottle

The perfect choice to fuel your portable gas heater indoors during the colder months and can also be used with larger BBQs outdoors in the summer.