You're guaranteed a quick and easy stop as our moorings are unencumbered by sale or hire boats and we'll help you loading everything onto your boat.

Our premises are right next to the canal at Bridge 32 of the Grand Union Canal where we offer a number of services directly to our boating customers

We retail Gas Oil (Red Diesel) as competitively priced as we can, and will offer a discount for larger volume purchases. Unlike some retailers we don't insist that you accept a fixed percentage Rebated Fuel Declaration - you simply make a declaration that matches your fuel usage circumstances - as the law actually allows. We're also happy to supply fuel into cans, subject to the can being in good condition and the purchase being at least 10 litres.

Our assisted pump-out service means we do the work for you and what's more there's no meter on our pump - it keeps running until the job's completely done!

Being an Approved Coal and Woodfuel Merchant,we can supply all our solid fuels, in clean and convenient sealed plastic bags. We'll also be pleased to load the bags, whatever the quantity, on to your boat for you.

Our complete range of Calor Gas bottles means we'll be able to meet whatever gas requirements you may have. We'll be more than happy to lift the bottle into that awkward gas locker for you.

We also stock:

  • Morris oils and greases;
  • Fuel Set diesel fuel conditioner (removes water from your fuel, treats the 'diesel bug', cleans up the fuel system)
  • Porta Blue toilet fluid.