supplier of ready to burn fuels

Ready to Burn Legislation is Here and Now

The Government enacted legislation on 1st May 2021 that:

  • Banned completely the sale of Traditional House Coal from April 2023;
  • Tightened up parameters governing the production and sale of smokeless briquettes;
  • Banned the sale of wet wood (moisture content of 20% or more).

This Legislation is intended to control the quality of all types of solid fuel available to customers on the open market.

In no way does it ban the use of appliances that burn solid fuels, whether they are open fires or closed appliances such as multi-fuel stoves or room heaters.

You are quite entitled to continue to use these appliances without change, as long as the fuels you use are certified by the Ready to Burn Legislation.

To confirm compliance with this Legislation the Ready to Burn logo and product certification number should be displayed by the merchant

  • At the point of sale;
  • On any delivery notes issued;
  • On any sealed plastic bags (although merchants are allowed to use up old stocks of bags bought before the Legislation came into force).

All products that we sell comply with the Ready to Burn Legislation and can be used by customers with full confidence.