Premium House Coal for open fires
Premium House Coal for open fires in 50kg open bags

Premium House Coal

Open cast mined in Columbia.
Approximate size: 100 x 60 mms.
Probably one of the best coals available at the moment; a very free burning coal, easy to light with excellent heat output and low ash.
Generally "treble" sized, which is an ideal size for general use.
Limited amounts of larger size available on request.

  • Open Fires
  • Some multi-fuel stoves (check your stoves handbook)
Welsh dry steam coal - premium Welsh mined coal - semi-smokeless
Welsh Dry Steam Coal

Welsh Dry Steam Coal

Mined at the Ffos-y-Fran land reclamation project, South Wales.
Aproximate size: 100 x 150mm.
Semi-smokeless fuel - much softer than anthracite and more clean-burning than house coal - high heat output, low ash.
Suitable for all types of steam engine – perfectly sized for Sentinels and other steam waggons.
We can arrange pallet deliveries to most parts of the country.
NOTE: Only available as a pre-ordered product.

  • Steam Wagons
  • traction engines
  • steam boats
  • Room Heaters
  • Rayburn type cookers
  • AGA cookers
coal bunker

Coal Bunker (Weathertight and Durable)

Rotationally moulded in green plastic.
Approximate size: 750mm long; 880mm wide and 980mm high.
Stands on any fairly level, firm surface.
We will deliver the bunker to order, position it where you wish and then fill it with fuel.

  • Smokeless Fuels
  • Traditional Coals